05 Apr Managing call center performance with integrated systems

This blog is a contribution from the Teleperformance global CIO, Lyle Hardy:

Whether customers are deploying an entirely new customer service strategy or migrating from one solution to another, they always ask us about our management processes – how exactly do we manage the contact center differently to the competition?

We try to do it through integration. An holistic approach to the management of the contact center that is utilized by all levels of Teleperformance employees to effectively organize, analyze and manage business operations.

Our solution is called the Contact Center Management System (CCMS). It is a flexible solution that provides insight into the bottom line, offering a wealth of information and tools to manage productivity, payroll and client performance.

All team members can utilize CCMS to complete daily business functions as they relate to their respective roles. For example, agents can manage their own performance using their profile, which compiles key data and information related to their employment.

Clearly this goes beyond just managing agents on calls, but what is the benefit of integrating this information flow at every level of the organization? Here are a few observations:

  • Efficiency: It allows for the automation of many manual business practices
  • Accountability: All employee actions are documented, enabling quick access to employee information – so the relevant users can stay informed
  • Visibility: Provides access to relevant information, reports and tools, making team and program management more efficient
  • Centralization: Enhances communication and information sharing with a globally accessible, Web-based solution
  • Integration: Integrates telephony, work force management and HR data into one source globally across the organization

Managing a contact center is far more complex than just answering phones. There is an enormous amount of information flowing within our team and to and from the customer.

Channeling that information efficiently using an integrated system can be the difference between the end customer being delighted by the service they receive – or just finding that customer service can’t help them at all.


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