The Annual World Health Care Congress is one of the most relevant summits about the field.

In its 12sd year it took place at Washington DC once again to tackle all the aspects of Heath Care and all its stakeholders, from doctors to patients and all that is in between.

The topics discussed on the Congress bring up a lot of buzz online, generating 88 thousand mentions in the last month, on various channels such as Twitter, Facebook, forums and blogs, developing fired up discussions in every single one of them.

Since Teleperformance is sponsoring the event, our E-Performance team, dedicated to monitoring Social Media activity developed the present Infographic.

The interesting conclusion the monitoring leads us into is a product of the diversity of interveners on the arguments.  Governors, house representatives, specialist journalists are sharing articles and opinions or common citizens doing the same critic thinking exercise. Since early stages, the public was already anticipating what Newt Gingrich would be revealing on his presentation or projecting expectations online on the next steps customer centricity is driving us too in this market.

Another key learning point is the growing relevance digital technology is gaining on Health, with revolutionary new service tactics such as TeleHealth achieving great expectance and healthy curiosity.

Overall Health Care is intrinsic to life and is not by far only debatable by politicians or plan providers, but is making everybody react through social media.



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