Customer Service: The UK Footprint
The UK Footprint

Consumers have ever-changing demands that markets constantly need to fulfill. In the United Kingdom—where the economy is strong and stable—consumers have the means to spend. With this in mind, it is important for companies to understand how to keep their customers happy.

Consumers are attracted to brands that offer them products or services that are beneficial in their daily lives; provide high quality products; give customers value for their money; and continuously find ways to innovate their products. However, establishing brand loyalty among consumers is difficult—and based on a global survey conducted by the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab), the recent increase of satisfied consumers in the United Kingdom with the last contact can be attributed to businesses and companies delivering a good customer service, inspiring advocacy and trust among consumers.

In the United Kingdom, customer service accounts for 44 percent of customers’ willingness to recommend a brand, and 47 percent of the customers’ intention to stay with a brand. The CX Lab’s global survey showed how excellent customer service can help in establishing brand trust among consumers and how it can drive new consumers towards their business, resulting into strengthened brand awareness, and in the long run—brand loyalty.

The last three years have been important for customer service in the United Kingdom as it has experienced a surge in the number of channels opened for consumers. For businesses and companies to reach their full potential, having reliable customer service channels that efficiently and effectively connect consumers to an exceptional customer service is vital. To learn more about how to excel in the UK market, please read our new white paper.

The UK Footprint

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